Lake Winnipeg (Artist's Statement)

A web exhibition by William Pura

Lake Winnipeg is the 11th largest freshwater lake in the world and is unique to the geography of its region, forming a bridge between the shield lakes to the east and the Prairie grasslands to the west.

Like any large body of water, its sheer immensity creates a sense of boundless space. With opposite shorelines a distant haze on the horizon, the lake is a giant mirror to the passing weather. Storms, cloud formations, and all the spectacular light of the Prairies from sunrise to sunset are all reflected on its surface. Stilled by the winter freeze-up, its white surface receding to the horizon, the lake still retains its majestic presence.

Spending time walking its shorelines or just contemplating the lake from a single spot, I slowly became aware of the different aspects of the photographs I was making. Some of the images concentrated only on the water and its unique colour and texture, while others included aspects of human activity alongside the lake. Some images concentrated of the vistas that only a huge body of water could provide while others concentrated on the minutiae washed up on the beach after a storm.

I have tried to visit the lake throughout the 4 seasons and at various times of the day, knowing that at each moment I will find something unique. I have yet to be disappointed.

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